Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Morning Romance Car on the Odakyu Line

EMU Odakyu 60000 series (MSE), Romance Car, Metro-Sagami, arrives at Machida Station

In Tokyo, we have to endure the daily hell of packed commuter trains. Odakyu Electric Railway is no exception. Specifically, the trains which arrive at Shinjuku Station between 7.30 and 8.30 are extremely overcrowded. Although, Odakyu makes an effort such as the construction of double-double track and launching 10-car train sets, it is not easy to increase its transportation capacity anymore. Can't we do anything?

Wait a minute! We are not done talking yet! Please get up early just a bit and leave home. You can use a morning "Romance Car" from suburban commuter towns to the city center. It will be a comfortable journey to work for you. The Romance Car, "Metro-Sagami number 70", which leaves Machida Station at 6.41, is one such example. It is slightly earlier than peak rush hour. So, Odakyu still has transportation capacity to spare and can operate this special train. It is directly operated onto the Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line.

While in the car, you are able to take a nap, enjoy reading or listening to music. It is a "Petit-zeitaku" (small luxury and gratification) for urban commuters. One hour later, you will reach Otemachi Station, which is a business center of Tokyo Metropolis. It is composed of 10 cars, but one set can be broken up into six and four car sections to enhance operational flexibility. Timber-styled non-burnable materials are used heavily for the interior, such as the passenger seats and the walls, to offer passengers peace and comfort.

EMU Odakyu 60000 series (MSE), Romance Car, Metro-Sagami, arrives at Otemachi Station