Thursday, 18 June 2015

Visit the Philippines Year 2015

Poster train, "Visit the Philippines Year 2015", EMU JR East E231-500 series on the Yamanote Line
Poster trains stand out in the urban area. Railway companies create them for celebrating special anniversaries such as "the 100th anniversary of Tokyo Station" and "the 10th anniversary of Tokyo Metro". The other purpose is to promote tourism to the sightseeing spots on their lines. For instance, JR East operated a special poster train, "Shinkansen Year 2012" on the Tohoku Shinkansen using the EMU E2-J series, while Keio operates Tama Zoo Train on the Keio-Zoo Line using the EMU 7000 series.

More importantly, commercial poster trains are precious revenue sources for railway companies. Now imagine that two million passengers take the JR East Yamanote Line per day. The eye-catching commercial poster trains must have an instant effect on those passengers.

This year, the Philippine Department of Tourism launched their poster train on the JR East Yamanote Line to promote tourism to their world class resorts such as Cebu and Bohol islands. The poster train, EMU E231-500 series, is decorated with beautiful pictures and colorful logos. It really makes me feel like traveling to the Philippines relaxing away from stressful work. Currently, a total of 460,000 Japanese people visit the Philippines per year. It must be a paradise.

I think there is a problem as well. Many stations on the Yamanote Line have automatic platform gates to prevent passengers from falling off the platform edge. Those gates block passengers' view of the poster trains. Railway companies need ingenuity for passengers.
"Vsit the Philippines Year 2015" logo