Monday, 7 December 2015

New Station Building on the Keio Line

Takao-sabguchi new station building on the Keio-Takao Line,

Mt. Takao is a popular sightseeing spot in the Tokyo metropolitan area. In the Michelin Voyager Pratique issued in 2007, it was granted the highest rank of three stars. Since then, not only Japanese, but also foreign hikers have been flocking to this suburban mountain.

Takao-sanguchi on the Keio-Takao Line is the gateway station to Mt. Takao. It takes less than one hour from Shinjuku, a sub-center of Tokyo Metropolis. Recently, Keio Electric Railway has completed the renovation work of the station building as a part of passenger services. The new station building was designed by famous architect, Kuma Kengo. He excels at designing using natural materials. For instance, Hoshakuji Station on the JR East Utsunomiya Line is his reputable work. You can see a large roof made of timbers at Takao-sanguchi Station. It covers a large part of the station yard, and is beautifully illuminated after sunset.

A hot spring has also been opened recently in the station. Keio Electric Railway drilled a well in the station yard, and found the hot water bed in the subsurface. The hot spring is located next to the entrance of the station, so, you can visit there just before going back home. After enjoying hiking, you need to take a bath to relieve fatigue, don't you? The name of the hot spring is "Gokuraku-yu (Paradise Hot Spring)". As its name suggests, the hot spring will provide you with a relaxation like paradise.

Platform of Takao-sanguchi Station on the Keio-Takao Line