Monday, 9 May 2016

Tobu 8577F: Revival Color Train on the Kameido Line

Set 8577F (revival color) of the EMU Tobu 8000 series travels on the Kameido Line

On March 23rd, Tobu Railway launched its fifth revival color train on the Kameido Line.

The 2-car train, Set 8577F, of the EMU 8000 series has an orange colored body with a yellow stripe, which has now been revived after a half century. Tobu had been using this coloring design since 1958 for their commuter trains, but changed it to the other design in 1964. Set 8577F was built by Aluna Koki in 1982. Currently, it belongs to Kasukabe Depot.

I visited the Kameido Line to ride and shoot this revival color train last week. My favorite shooting spot was a railway crossing located between Kameido and Kameido-suijin stations. I saw many senior rail-fans, who may remember this old coloring design in the 1960s. Being bathed in the afternoon sun, 8857F appeared through the densely-packed residential houses. Cool!

Tobu has recently restored many trains with revival colors. For instance, Set 8111F has a light brown-colored body with an orange stripe, which is a revival of the 1960s. Set 81111F has a cream-colored body, which is a revival of the 1980s. Furthermore, Set 8198F has a dark blue-colored body with a yellow stripe, which is a revival of "Flying Tojo" train operated from 1949 to 1962. Tobu Railway is a paradise for train lovers now.

For your information, the Tobu-Kameido Line is a short local line (3.4 km), connecting Kameido on the JR East Sobu Line and Hikifune on the Tobu-Isesaki Line. The track is electrified and double.

Side view of Set 8577F (revival color) of the EMU Tobu 8000 series