Thursday, 12 May 2016

Preserved Electric Car in Ibigawa Town

Electric car Meitetsu Mo 514 of the Mo 510 series is preserved at ex-Tanigumi Station
Ibigawa is a small town in Gifu Prefecture, about 420 km west of Tokyo. I recently visited this countryside with my family to see an old electric car, Mo 514, preserved in an abolished station.

Mo 514 of the electric car Mo 510 series was built for Mino Electric Tramway (later Nagoya Railway) by Nippon Sharyo in 1926. Her original name was SemiBo 513. Semi stood for a semi-steel car and Bo was short for a bogie car. Mo 514 had four sisters. Most of the equipment of the Mo 510 series was imported from the U.K. Classic direct control system was adopted as an electric control system of this car. American style five windows on the curved face is definitely my favorite. A large rounded frontal light on the top of the face is also my cup of tea. The scarlet and white colored body is still gorgeous and has not yet faded. It is worthwhile to come from Tokyo to meet with her.

Mo 514 is exhibited in the yard of ex-Tanigumi Station on the ex-Tanigumi Line of Nagoya Railway. The Tanigumi Line was opened in 1926. Connecting Tanigumi and Kurono, its line length was 11.2 km. The gauge size was 1,067mm and the electric system was 600 V DC overhead. After 75 years of its glorious history, the Tanigumi Line was abolished in 2001 due to a decrease of passengers.

Currently, Ibigawa Town Office and the local people take care of Mo 514 and ex-Tanigumi Station meticulously.

Side view of Mo 514