Sunday, 11 December 2016

EMU Tobu 100 Series: Spacia Gold Color

Set 106F (Nikko Moude Spacia) of the EMU Tobu 100 series stands at JR Ikebukuro Sta.

Gold is a special color throughout the world. A gold medal is given to the number one athlete in the Olympic Games. A Gold Card is a special credit card, which only a special customer is allowed to have. In the first place, gold is a special and precious metal in the world.

Gold colored trains are also special in Japan. For instance, Tobu Railway operates a gold colored train, "Nikko Moude (Pilgrimage to Nikko) Spacia". The EMU 100 series, Spacia, is the Tobu's flagship model for limited express trains. It was launched in 1990 to replace the old model, the EMU 1720 series, "Deluxe Romance Car". A total of 9 sets, 54 units have been built by Alna Koki and Tokyu Sharyo. Because of its unique design and high technical specifications, Spacia was elected as the 1991 Blue Ribbon Prize train by the Japan Railfan Club. As you may know, the Blue Ribbon Prize is awarded to the best train that was launched in the previous year.

Currently, two sets of the EMU 100 series, namely set 103F and 106F, have gold colored bodies, but set 106F can only be operated onto JR East line through Kurihashi Station, as it has the JR type radio and safety systems.

For your information, Tobu Railway last year made a press release announcing that the new limited express model, the EMU 500 series, will debut in spring of 2017. I am looking forward to that.

Set 106F (Nikko Moude Spacia) of the EMU Tobu 100 series stands at JR Shinjuku Sta.