Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Bird Watching on the Keiyo Line

EMU JR East E233-5000 series travels on the Keiyo Line

Along with Tokyo Disney Resort, Kasai Rinkai Park (Kasai Seaside Park) is a reputable sightseeing spot in the Tokyo Bay area. For instance, Japan's largest Ferris wheel, which has a diameter of 111 meters, is a famous amusement in the park, but that is not the only one. There is a large natural bird sanctuary in the the eastern half of the park. It is a great place for bird watching. To our joy, a free birding event is held monthly for beginners to observe various wild birds.

I joined this birding event for the first time with my family last month. The number of participants was over 60. We could observe a great numbers of wild birds, such as Kingfishers and Buzzards, in only one hour. I tried to take their photographs, but it was very difficult, as I couldn't predict the birds' actions. It was completely different from those of trains, which are operated on the track in accordance with timetables. I could barely achieve my objective, taking a photo of a Daurian redstart, which was resting on a rock.

To get to this bird sanctuary, a local train on the JR East Keiyo Line was a convenient access. It took only 13 minutes from the underground platform of Tokyo Station to Kasai-rinkai-koen (Kasai Rinkai Park) Station. Our vehicle was a red colored 10-car train, the EMU JR East E233-5000 series. Its bright and vivid colored body stripe is definitely my favorite.

Daurian redstart is observed at Kasai Rinkai Park near Kasai-rinkai-koen Station