Friday, 17 March 2017

EMU 3000A Series: The Oldest Model on Active Service

Set 24 of the EMU Yokohama Municipal Subway 3000A series travels on the Blue Line

There are not enough opportunities for me to take Yokohama Municipal Subway. I only take it once a year on average, so, there is still one model on the subway lines, which I have not shown you in this blog yet. Let me introduce a remaining model today.

The EMU 3000A series is the oldest model on active service on the Blue Line of Yokohama Municipal Subway. It was launched in 1992 in preparation for the extension of the Blue Line. A total of 8 sets, 48 units had been built by Tokyu Sharyo. Different from its seniors (the 1000 series and the 2000 series), the 3000A series has VVVF inverter (variable-frequency drive) electric control systems with GTO thyristor elements. The odd-shaped front design has been inherited from the 2000 series, but its black colored face is more contemporary and stylish than those of the 2000 series. The length of the body is 18 meters. It has 6 doors per car. The electric system is 600 V DC with the third rail systems. The gauge size is 1,435 mm. The ATO (Automatic Train Operation) system with automatic platform gates is adopted on the Blue Line.

On January 30th, the Transportation Bureau of Yokohama City issued a press release announcing that a new model, EMU 3000V series, will be launched in April this year. It means that the retirement of the 3000A series will also start soon. Rail-fans have to ride and take pictures of the 3000A series before it is too late.

Set 27 of the EMU Yokohama Municipal Subway 3000A series