Saturday, 30 December 2017

Lighting-up of the Historical Garden on the Namboku Line

The 5th batch train of the EMU Tokyo Metro 9000 series travels on the Tokyu-Meguro Line

I visited Rikugien Garden last month for the first time in three years. My last visit was in the cherry blossom season, so that I visited there in the autumn foliage season this time. 

Rikugien is a famous public garden in Tokyo. It was constructed between 1695 and 1702 by Yanagisawa Yoshiyasu, who was a man in power in the Tokugawa Shogunate. Currently, it is owned by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. This traditional Japanese garden is composed of a pond, a hill and many kinds of trees. Along with a large shidare sakura (weeping cherry) tree, autumn leaves in the garden are also well known by people. The garden was lit-up during the peak foliage season at night. I saw many visitors, who were enjoying this special event, when I visited the garden.

To get to this gorgeous spot, the nearest railway station is Komagome on the Tokyo Metro Namboku Line. I am going to introduce the 5th batch train of the EMU 9000 series. The EMU Tokyo Metro 9000 series is the major fleet on the line. It was launched in 1991, when the Namboku Line was opened. The 5th batch of the 9000 series debuted in 2009. A total of 2 sets, 12 units, were built by Nippon Sharyo. The outer design of the 5th batch train is different from that of the 1st to 4th batch trains. For instance, the 5th batch train has slant eye-shaped lights; whereas the 1st to 4th batch train has rectangular lights.

Night view of Rikugien Garden near Komagome Station on the Tokyo Metro-Namboku Line

Official information about the 5th batch train of the EMU Tokyo Metro 9000 series (in Japanese):