Monday, 1 January 2018

Keio's High-end Commuter Train: Part 2

Set 5732 of the EMU Keio new 5000 series stands at Meidaimae Station

Happy New Year! The year 2018 has begun. At the opening of New Year, I am going to continue to introduce the features of the new high-end commuter train.

As I posted before, the EMU Keio new 5000 series shows one of the future trends for urban commuter trains. Please look at the underfloor equipment of the 5000 series. You would find a group of pink colored boxes there. What is it? It is a high-performance accumulator resembling that of the JR East's accumulator train such as the EV-E301 series on the Karasuyama Line. This accumulator supplies electric power to the vehicle, so that the 5000 series can travel under its own power, even if a power failure occurs. The power of the accumulator is supplied from the overhead wire and the regenerative electric power at braking. The 5000 series has two sets of 680 V-15.2 kWh accumulators on car number 5.

What else catches your eyes on the 5000 series? You would find a free Wi-Fi system. You would find a power outlet under your seat in the cross seat mode. The 5000 series has special deodorant and antibacterial air cleaners. Furthermore, the color of illuminating LED lights is changed according to the operation mode of the train. It is a functional white color in the long seat mode operation; whereas it becomes an incandescent lamp-color for relaxing in the cross seat operation. The 5000 series has fine attributes, doesn't it?

Keio Electric Railway plans to introduce a total of 5 sets, 50 units, of the 5000 series by March, 2018.

Accumulators of the EMU Keio 5000 series