Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Sayonara to the Old Express Train

Set 2011 (original color) of the EMU Keikyu 2000 series (March, 2018)

On March 5th, Keikyu Corporation made a press release announcing that their old express train, the EMU 2000 series, will be retired from the track by the end of March.

The 2000 series was commissioned in 1982 for the express train. A total of 12 sets, 72 cars, were built by Tokyu Sharyo and Kawasaki Heavy Industries. One set comprised 8 or 4 cars. The 2000 series originally had 4 doors per car and cross seats. One car had both forward and backward facing seats across the center of a car, which means that the passengers looked at each other across the center of a car. It was quite unique.

In 1998, a new express model, namely EMU 2100 series, was launched. The position of the Keikyu's flagship train was replaced with the 2100 series. The 2000 series was modified to become the standard commuter trains with 6 doors per car and long seats. The color design of the train bodies was also changed to the standard one, which is red with a white stripe under the windows. Set 2011 only has the original color design, which is two-toned red and ivory. Recently, the 2000 series was commissioned as the airport access train between Haneda Airport and the Yokohama area.

According to a media report, the last run of the 2000 series was conducted on March 25th. Many rail-fans flocked to the Keikyu Line. Sayonara (good-bye) and Arigatou (thank you), the 2000 series.

Set 2018 of the EMU Keikyu 2000 series before modification
Photo: Nicolai Okkels (1996)