Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Full Blown Wisteria on the Tobu Line

EMU Tokyo Metro 03 series arrives at Nishiarai station on the Tobu Isesaki line

Wisteria is a pea family plant seen in the low mountains in Japan. It has pale purple flowers in the middle of spring. The natural wisteria in the mountains is definitely attractive; but artificial ones, grown using a trellis, is more gorgeous and impressive. I recently visited the garden of Nishiarai-Daishi temple in Adachi Ward of Tokyo Metropolis to admire wisteria flowers. Amazingly, it was not a group of trees, but a single tree grown on the trellis. In other words, I could see only one trunk of wisteria in the center of the trellis. When I visited there, it was in full bloom and the fragrance of the flowers was hanging in the air.

To get to Nishiarai-Daishi temple, the nearest station is Daishimae on the Tobu line. On the way to Daishimae, I came across the EMU Tokyo Metro 03 series, which was directly operated from the subway Hibiya line. The 03 series is an old model launched in 1988. It is an 8-car train consisting of 18-meter short bodies. A total of 42 sets were built by Kinki Sharyo, Tokyu Sharyo, Kawasaki Heavy Industries and Nippon Sharyo. The older 25 sets have chopper electric control system; while the newer 22 sets have VVVF inverter control (variable-frequency drive) system.

Due to the introduction of the new model, namely EMU 13000 series, the 03 series is planned to be retired from the track by the year 2020. Please take photographs of the 03 series before it is too late.

Full blown wisteria is seen in the garden of Nishiarai Daishi temple near Daishimae station