Sunday, 10 June 2018

EMU 2000 Series: Main Force on the Entetsu Line

EMU Entetsu 2000 series arrives at Enshu-byoin-mae Station (August, 2015)

Following the precious old train, I am going to continue to show you a train of the Enshu Railway (Entetsu) today.

The EMU 2000 series is Entetsu's representative commuter train, which was launched in 1999. It is a 2-car train consisting of one motor car and one trailer (1M1T). A total of 6 sets, 12 units, were built by Nippon Sharyo. The body length is 19 meters, which is quite unique in Japan. The body design is almost same as the older model, namely the 1000 series; however, some new technologies, such as the VVVF inverter (various-frequency drive) electric control system with induction motors, was adopted. It was also equipped with a regenerative brake system.

Although 19 years have passed since the 2000 series debuted, its frontal design is still daring. Specifically, its three large bent windows with angular lights are my favorite. The red-colored bodies with white-colored stripes are also still cool.

I sometimes take the Entetsu Line from Shin-Hamamatsu station and visit the beautiful countryside of Shizuoka Prefecture, such as Lake Hamana-ko and Iinoya-valey. The Entetsu line only has a 17.8-km electrified single track between Shin-Hamamatsu and Nishikashima stations, which takes only 32 minutes from one endpoint to the other, but I get so excited whenever I take the Entetsu line because the red-colored conspicuous train improves the expectation of my trip. Vehicles are very important factors for my traveling.

Writing about my travels made me want to travel more and more.

EMU Entetsu 2000 series stands at Nishi-Kajima Terminal (August, 2015)

Official information about the EMU Entetsu 2000 series (in Japanese):