Monday, 4 June 2018

Good-bye to the Old Entetsu Train

EMU Enshu Railway 30 series stands at Shin-Hamamatsu station (October, 2017)

Following the EMU Keikyu 2000 series, another red-colored great train retired from the track. On April 30th, Enshu Railway (Entetsu) operated the special train using the EMU 30 series, which was Entetsu's oldest model. It was for rail-fans to say good-bye to the 30 series. Unfortunately, I didn't have an opportunity to visit Entetsu, but I personally said good-bye to the 30 series, when I visited there last year.

The EMU 30 series was introduced from 1958 to 1980 to replace Entetsu's old rolling stock. A total of 30 units were built by Nippon Sharyo. Recently, only one set, namely MoHa25-KuHa85, survived and was operated as a special train during the vacation seasons. The 30 series had two large frontal windows, which showed a typical design of the 1960s to 1970s era. The EMU Jomo Electric Railway 700 series,  and the Ooigawa Railway 21000 series have similar frontal designs. The red-colored body with white-colored stripes was cool, as it was similar to that of Keikyu trains in Tokyo. More importantly, the running sound of the old nose suspension driving system was very nostalgic for rail fans.

For your information, Entetsu is a local railway company in Shizuoka Prefecture, about 260 km west of Tokyo. It has a 17.8 kilometers electrified single track between Shin-Hamamatsu and Nishikashima stations. The gauge size is 1,067 mm and the electric system is 750 V DC overhead.

Sayonara (good-bye) and arigato (thank you), the EMU 30 series. 

Close up of Unit KuHa 80 of the EMU Enshu Railway 30 series (October, 2017)