Thursday, 28 April 2011

EMU Tokyo Metro 6000 Series, Brothers in Jakarta

EMU Tokyo Metro 6000 series, 6113F near Kyodo Station, the Odakyu Line, Tokyo, Japan

Do you have any brothers or sisters who live in other countries?

Yes, I do. Currently, I live in Indonesia and have a brother who lives in Japan. In fact, "brothers in other countries" are not just found in human society. The same thing can be found in trains. Today let me introduce you to "train brothers", who live in Japan and Indonesia.

Look at the top photo. This is commuter train 6113F of EMU (Electrical Multiple Unit) Tokyo Metro 6000 series operated on the Tokyo Metro-Chiyoda Line, the JR East Joban Line and the Odakyu Line. It was manufactured as the 13th boy of 36 brothers in 1971. I took this "6000 series of brothers" to go to the office every day when I lived in Japan. Although the train has 10 cars, it was always packed in the morning and it was difficult to read a newspaper. The redeeming feature of this packed train was that it had air conditioners installed between 1989 and 1994.

The 15th and 26th boys (6115F and 6126F) of the 6000 series brothers recently arrived at Jakarta, Indonesia to spend a new life after retirement from Tokyo Metro (Photo at the bottom). They are being modified to the local style and waiting for thier trial runs. The colour was changed from a green colored belt to a flashy red-yellow mask and belt. This is Indonesian style, because tropical people like Crayola colors.

I wish 15th and 26th boys well for their new lifes in Jakarta.

EMU 6000 series, 6126F at Bukit Duri Rail Yard, KRL JABODETABEK, Jakarta, Indonesia
Photo: Coutesy Kresna Noviarditya

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