Monday, 25 July 2011

Spiritual Trip on the Enoden in Kamakura

EMU Enoden 1000 series near Shichirigahama Station

After a heavy typhoon passed, the midsummer came back to Tokyo again. Most people go out to the suburbs to cool off at the weekend, and I'm also one of them. The destination is Kamakura, a southern suburb of Tokyo.

Kamakura is known as a historic city where the bakufu (shogunate government) was located from 1185 to 1333. It means that Kamakura was the capital of Japan during those 148 years. Furthermore, this city has another face. It’s also famous for marine sports such as surfing and yachting.

You can get to Kamakura in less than one hour from downtown Tokyo by a JR East commuter train. After arriving there, you should transfer to the “Enoden”, Enoshima Electric Railway, to get around the city. The Enoden, connecting Kamakura and Fujisawa (10km), was opened in 1902. The track is a single, and its electric system is 600V DC overhead.

The EMU 1000 series has been operating since 1979. The lovely green and yellow colored body seems to have fitted naturally into the city. Especially, it’s fun for me that the train threads its way through residential areas (the top photo).

Taking the Enoden, I visited a so called "power spot," which is said to make people healthier and more energetic. It’s a quiet place in the backyard of a historic temple. There were mossy stone steps in the woods (the bottom photo). I felt like time had stopped...

I enjoyed a spiritual trip on the Enoden in Kamakura.

A "power spot" in the woods (?), mossy stone steps

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