Saturday, 26 November 2011

Autumn Roses on the Keisei Line

EMU Keisei 3600 series at Senju-ohashi Station, the Keisei Main Line

In Japan, the roses look great when in full bloom in May. But, autumn roses also look beautiful, especially from October to November. So, I took the Keisei Main Line and got off at Yatsu Station to visit Yatsu Rose Garden. Connecting Ueno, a subcenter of Tokyo, and Narita Airport, the Keisei Electric Railway has an extensive network in the eastern part of Tokyo and Chiba Prefecture (see my September 13th's blog). It took only half an hour from downtown Tokyo to Yatsu on the Keisei trains (see the top photo).

Yatsu is located about 20km east of downtown Tokyo. It belongs to Narashino City, which is one of the commuter towns in Chiba Prefecture, the Tokyo metropolitan area. In addition to the function of the residential area, Yatsu has several sightseeing spots as well. The most famous one is Yastsu Rose Garden, which was opened as a part of Yatsu Amusement Park in 1957.

As soon as I entered the garden through the gate, I could feel the lovely breeze blowing off of Tokyo Bay, and it carried the rose-scented air. I associate the smell of roses with my parent's house, as it was full of rose blossoms in spring. I think it's true that the sense of smell and the storage area of memories in our brain are close to each other.

I fully enjoyed red, pink, white and yellow colored roses in bloom in the reputable garden today.

Yatsu Rose Garden near Yatsu Station, the Keisei Main Line