Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Good-luck Yellow Trains, Toei 8800 & Tokyu 300 Series

Good-luck Yellow train (Car 8810,Type 8800) on the Toei Arakawa Line

Do you know the Japanese word "Toshi-densetsu"?

Toshi-densetsu means an urban legend, which is rumored by city dwellers. For example, a power spot, which is said to make people healthier and more energetic, is a typical Toshi-densetsu in Tokyo.

Currently, the most popular Toshi-densetsu among Tokyoites is the "Good-luck Yellow Trains". It is said that a person, who rides a yellow colored train, will obtain happiness. I don't know exactly why such kind of Toshi-densetsu is being spread by Tokyoites. But, it's probably because yellow colored trains are rare in this city.

Look at the top photo. It is electric car No. 8810 of Type 8800 on the Toei Arakawa Line. Since this is the only yellow colored tram on the line, Tokyoites may think that it's lucky if they ride this electric car. Similarly, people think that it's very lucky if they ride yellow colored train, No. 306F of EMU 300 series on the Tokyu Setagaya Line (see the bottom photo). It is also the only yellow colored train on the line.

By capturing Toshi-densetsu, Toei (Tokyo Metropolitan Government) and Tokyu Railway Company jointly launched a special campaign to boost passengers. In addition to promotions, they prepared common plates displaying "Good-luck Trains" on the font of their yellow colored electric cars. These two operators recommend riding yellow colored trains to obtain happiness.

Do you take the Toshi-densetsu of "Good-luck Yellow Trains" to be true?

Goodl-luck Yellow Train (306F, EMU 300 series) on the Tokyu Setagaya Line