Wednesday, 18 January 2012

"Ezuki Narcissus Road" on the Uchibo Line

EMU JR East 209 series runs backed by Mt. Nokogiri-yama on the Uchibo Line

Following my blog on January 10th, I would like to introduce another mid-winter flower field in the Tokyo metropolitan area. That is "Ezuki Narcissus Road" in Chiba Prefecture.

Ezuki Narcissus Road is located 60km directly south of the downtown Tokyo. But, it's more than 110km by railways because trains have to go around the coast of Tokyo Bay. To visit there, you should take the JR East Keiyo Line from Tokyo Station and get off at Hota Station on the Uchibo Line. It takes around 90 minutes by limited express. But, I took a local train that time to relax (see the top photo). The entrance of Ezuki Narcissus Road is only a ten minute walk from the station.

More than 10 milion narcissus are seen on a 3km road. They are planted in fields, slopes, riversides and house gardens. Historically, the planting of narcissus started in the 19th century by local farmers. The cut flowers were shipped to the downtown Tokyo.

Yellow and white colored flowers are fully in bloom now. Many people were visiting there. The sweet smell of narcissus flowers attracts tourists from around the Tokyo metropolitan area. Visitors were spending their time as they pleased; enjoying walking, chatting with local people or taking lunch in the fields. I enjoyed taking flower photogtaphs (see the bottom photo).

The wind was still cold, but sun was stronger than before. The spring is around the corner in Tokyo. I can't wait for a genial season.

Narcissus flowers near Hota Station on the JR East Uchibo Line