Saturday, 28 April 2012

Cat Whiskers in the Tobu Museum

Electric car MoHa 5701 of the EMU 5700 series in the Tobu Museum near Higashi-Mukojima Sta.

As I mentioned in my previous articles, there are several railway museums in the Tokyo Metropolitan area. They are the Railway Museum (see my blog on April 11th, 2011), the Subway Museum (see my blog on September 10th, 2011), Usui Pass Railway Heritage Park (see my blog on December 31st, 2011) and so on.

Today, I would like to introduce the other one, the Tobu Museum. This museum is located next to Higashi-Mukojima Station on the Tobu Line, in the eastern part of downtown Tokyo. It is operated by Tobu Railway Company, and displays historical trains, locomotives, buses and other precious heritages.

My favorite exhibit is an old electric car, MoHa 5701 of the EMU 5700 series. The 5700 series is the first generation of resort trains from downtown Tokyo to Nikko National Park. It was launched in 1951 as express train, Kegon (the name of a famous fall in the Nikko area).

After 40 year's operation on the line, the 5700 series retired in 1991. Then, it was moved to the present location, when the museum was opened. The most peculiar point of this train is its front face (see the top photo). Because of its unique design, it is called "Neko-hige (cat whiskers)" among rail fans. Thankfully, the interior of the train is also open to the public. So, we can see the train as it was.

Neko-hige, I want you to live a long time.

Interior of the electric car MoHa 5701 of the EMU 5700 series in the Tobu Museum

More information about theTobu Museum (in Japanese):