Friday, 28 September 2012

Summer-end Fireworks on the Tokaido Line

EMU JR East 185 series stands at Atami Station on the Tokaido Main Line

Although it's still hot in the daytime, the mornings and evenings are now quite comfortable. Many Tokyoites have an end-of-summer melancholy feeling, and I am one of them. Regretting the passing summer, I visited Atami City to see the summer-end fireworks. As I mentioned in my blog on February 1st, Atami is well known as a resort city in the Tokyo metropolitan area. It is located some 100km southwest of downtown Tokyo.

Japanese people have a love of fireworks. They add a sort of poetic charm to the summer season. From July to September, fireworks events are held in many areas. About 3,000 fireworks were set off in Atami (see the following picture). Being controlled by computers, they are very gorgeous and well programmed.

To get to Atami from Tokyo, you can choose from JR Central Tokaido Shinakensen or JR East Tokaido Main Line. If you choose Shinkansen, it's faster but expensive. If you choose Tokaido Main Line, it's exactly the opposite. I took the Tokaido Main Line this time, as I prefer a leisurely trip.

The top photo is the EMU JR East 185 series taken at Atami Station. The 185 series was launched in 1981 by Japan National Railways (JNR) to replace old express trains. A total of 227 units have been manufactured. After breakup and privatization of JNR in 1987, all units have been transferred to JR East. 31 years have already passed, but they still play an important role on the Tokaido Main Line.

Summer-end fireworks on the Atami Beach near Atami Stasion, JR East Tokaido Main Line