Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Streetcar with Christmas Decorations

Electric car, number 9001 of the Toei 9000 series stands at Arakawa-kuyakusho-mae Stop
The 2014 Christmas season has passed. How did you spend the Christmas holidays this year? I am not a Christian, but I could also feel Christmas here and there in Tokyo. For instance, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government (Toei) operated a special streetcar during the Christmas season. It was car number 9001 of the electric car 9000 series on the Arakawa Line.

As you know, the Arakawa Line is a precious survivor of the tram route in Tokyo. It had been operated as two routes, namely Route 27 and 32. They were integrated into one route, the Arakawa Line, in 1974. Connecting Waseda and Minowabashi, its operating length is 12.2 km. The track is 1,372 mm-size gauge and double. The electric system is 600 V DC overhead.

The electric car 9000 series is the latest model on the line. It was commissioned in 2007. A total of 2 units have been manufactured so far by Aluna Sharyo. Each unit has a different color, red (car number 9001) and blue (car number 9002). Although the specification of the 9000 series has been modernized, the exterior design and interior atmosphere of this model remains retro-inspired.

You can see a Christmas wreath on the front of car number 9001. Santa Claus and the other Christmas characters are also seen on the side windows. They are beautiful and lovely. National flags of Japan (Rising Sun flags) were also displayed on December 23rd, which was the Emperor's Birthday.

Only two days are now left in 2014.
Side view of the electric car 9001 with Christmas decorations