Saturday, February 2, 2013

EMU Odakyu 4000 Series, Train in the Year of the Snake

EMU Odakyu 4000 series "squirms" its body at the Ayase Rail Yard, the Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line

I just celebrated New Year, but I can't believe it is February already. Time really flies. Before introducing the topics of this month, I would like to keep to the subject of January a bit more.

2013 is the Year of the Snake, according to the oriental zodiac. Asian people believe that a snake is considered a divine messenger. As you may know, snakes cast off their skin. It is a symbol of regeneration.

I associate with the Year of the Snake with the EMU Odakyu 4000 series. The "face" of the train is a snake in itself. The two front lights look like eyes. The coupler is similar to a tongue in a mouth. Once the 4000 series runs on a curve or a slope track, it is very snaky (see the top photo).

The 4000 series was launched in 2007 for the direct operation between the Odakyu and the Tokyo Metro Chiyoda lines. I often use this train to go to my office. Apart from its scary snaky look, I am satisfied with its high performance and comfortable ride. For example, the 4000 series has advanced equipment such as a pure electrical brake system. It also has a backup operating system, which is robust and fault-tolerant. Even if the main system is dead, the 4000 series casts off its skin, and survives by using another system.

The EMU Odakyu 4000 series... it is a train to be worthy of the Year of the Snake.

EMU Odakyu 4000 series, "Snaky Train" passes through Chitose-Funabashi Station
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