Saturday, 23 February 2013

TX-2000, AC-DC EMU on the Tsukuba Express Line

EMU Tsukuba Express TX-2000 series arrives at Kita-Senju Station

Tsukuba Express (TX) is a new commuter railway in the Tokyo metropolitan area. Following the TX-1000 series (see my blog on September 1st, 2011), I am going to show you the other type of train, EMU TX-2000 series, on this route.

The TX-2000 is an AC-DC dual system train, which is composed of 6 cars (see the top photo). Its maximum speed is 130 kilometers per hour. The gleaming stainless steel body with a V-shaped front mask and red colored stripes is an outward characteristic of this train.

Why is it a dual system train? It is because the Tsukuba Express Line consists of two parts. The southern part of the line has adopted the direct current (DC) system, meanwhile the alternate current (AC) system is applied on the north side of Moriya Station. It means that the trains passing through Moriya should have both AC and DC systems. For your information, the TX-1000 series (see my blog on September 1st, 2011) is a DC train, which can be operated only in the southern part, between Akihabara and Moriya stations.

The other feature of the TX-2000 is its pantographs. You can see a lot of white colored insulators by the pantographs for the high voltage AC system (see the following picture). Needless to say, the function of the insulators is to isolate the train body from the electric circuit.

The EMU TX-2000 series, it is a brand sparkling new train in Tokyo.

Pantograph of the AC-DC dual system train, EMU TX-2000 series
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