Friday, 12 April 2013

Nostalgic Ex-Tokyu Train on the Izukyu Line

EMU Izukyu (ex-Tokyu) 8000 series stands at Atami Station on the JR East Ito Line
Along with the EMU 2100 series (see my blog on April 9th, 2013), the EMU 8000 series is another main fleet on the Izukyu Line (see the top photo). It is the second handed rolling stock, which has been moved from Tokyu Railway to spend its second life after retirement .

The EMU 8000 series is filled with my high school memories and stories about my stay in Indonesia (see my blog on September 17th, 2011). When I was a high school student, I took the Tokyu-Toyoko Line from Shibuya, and got off at Gakugei-daigaku Station to go to school every day. It was only a 10-minute trip, but I used the 8000 series every day.

Thirty years later, I was reunited with the 8000 series in Jakarta, Indonesia, when I moved there as a geologist of an oil exploration company. A total of 3 sets of the 8000 series were operated there after retirement from Tokyu. Whenever, I rode the 8000 series in Jakarta, I was always encouraged by this Japanese train, because it still worked well in operation and was in good condition.

Currently, a total of 15 sets, 45 units of the 8000 series are operated on the Izukyu Line. The scenery outside the train window was great (see the following photo). Although, the interior has been renovated, they still preserve the atmosphere of the 1970s. Nostalgia ran deep in my mind.
Scenery from train windows on the JR East Ito Line near Izu-Taga Station