Thursday, 18 July 2013

EMU 22600 Series, Ace of the Kintetsu Line

EMU Kintetsu 22600 series, "Ace", stands at Kashihara-jingu-mae Station on the Kashihara Line
There are two ways to Asuka Village, which is the ancient capital of Japan. One of them is taking the Kintetsu-Minami-Osaka and Yoshino lines from Osaka. The other way is taking the Kintetsu-Kyoto, Kashihara and Yoshino lines from Kyoto. The latter route is more convenient for Tokyoites, because Kyoto is closer to Asuka Village from Tokyo than Osaka is.

Last Saturday, we got off the bullet train, the N700 series at Kyoto Station on the Tokaido Shinkansen. We, then, transferred to the Kintetsu-Kyoto Line. Kintetsu frequently operates inter-city limited express trains from Kyoto. My vehicle was the EMU 22600 series "Ace" bound for Kashihara-jingu-mae (see the top photo).

The 22600 series is the major model of the Kintetsu limited express fleet. It was launched in 2009 to replace the old models such as the 12200 series. The rounded frontal mask is very cute and is my favorite. The interior is also gorgeous. It is equipped with reddish colored spacious and luxury reclining seats. The seat also has a good level of hardness, which is very comfortable for me.

A smoking compartment is also equipped in the first car (see the following photo). Recently, most of the trains in Japan are non-smoking cars; but, Kintetsu is still considerate of smokers. I am a non-smoker; but, I would like to support the position of Kintetsu, who provides all kinds of passengers with a good service.

The EMU 22600 series... it is truly the ace of the Kintetsu Line.
Smoking compartent of the EMU Kintetsu 22600 series, "Ace"
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