Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Train Photo Session on the Fujikyu Line

EMU Fujikyu 2000 (left), JR East 183 (center) and 183/189 series in Kawaguchi-ko Rail Yard

Train photo sessions are one of the greatest pleasures for rail fans. They are held by railway companies as part of their public relations activities. It is a very rare experience that we can visit rail yards where we are usually not allowed to enter. In addition, it is also precious that railway companies kindly provide us with special photo opportunities such as rare rows of rare trains.

Last Sunday, I joined a photo session, which was held by Fujikyu Railway in the rail yard adjacent to Kawaguchi-ko Station. Fujikyu is a local railway company in Yamanashi Prefecture. Connecting Otsuki on the JR East Chuo Line and Kawaguchi-ko (Lake Kawaguchi), there are 16 stations over a total operating length of 23.6km. It is known as the railway to the foot of Japan's highest mountain (3,776m above the sea level).

Before joining the session, I supposed that the participants would be few as Kawaguchi-ko Station is far from big cities such as Tokyo and Yokohama; however, I saw several hundreds of rail fans were there (see the following photo). I felt anew a high popularity of this local private railway.

Thanks to Fujikyu, I could get a rare shot. Look at the top photo. They are EMUs Fujukyu 2000 and JR East 183-189 series. JR East trains were directly operated from the Chuo Line. You can review their detailed explanations in my previous blogs.

Thank you, Fujikyu. I enjoyed it.

Rail fans and trains on exhibit in Kawaguchi-ko Rail Yard on the Fujikyu Line