Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Autumn Color of the Mysterious Lake

EMU JR Central 313 series passes through Fuefuki River Bridge on the Minobu Line
An "autumn leaves front" is making a plunge from the high mountains to the plain. I enjoyed autumn leaves in Yamanashi Prefecture again last weekend with my family.

My destination was Lake Shibire in the central part of the prefecture. It is located some 100km west of Tokyo. The lake is surrounded by steep circular mountains, which are estimated as outer ring mountains of a volcanic caldera. The lake surface is 880 meters above sea level. The foliage season of Lake Shibire is very attractive. We could see red, yellow and brown colored leaves that made a nice contrast with the blue sky and the mysterious lake (see the following picture). The best season there is from late-October.

On the way home, I stopped over Mitama-no-yu Hot Spring again. It is my favorite spot because we can enjoy a superb "onsen" (hot spring) while viewing the beautiful Kofu Basin and its surrounding mountains. It was a bright and clear day. I could see Yatsugatake Mountains (2899m at the highest) to the north, as well as Mt. Kaikoma (2,967m) in the Southern Japanese Alps to the south.

Viewing the trains on the JR Central Minobu Line was of course my main attraction there as a rail fan. I could see the stylish EMU 313 series local trains, passing through the Fuefuki River Bridge (see the top photo). The local trains were operated a couple of times an hour.

I had a really good weekend again.

Autumn color of Lake Shibire near Ichikawa-Daimon Station on the Minobu Line