Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Great Success of Mito Railway Communication Day

Several trains are exhibited in Uchihara Rail Yard near Uchihara Station on the Joban Line
Following the Takasaki Railway Communication Day, the other unique railway festival was held in the Tokyo metropolitan area last weekend. It was "Mito Tetsudo Fureai Day (Mito Railway Communication Day)", held by the Mito Regional Office of JR East. The site was Uchihara Rail Yard near Uchihara Station on the Joban Line. Four sets of EMUs, one electric locomotive and several maintenance vehicles were exhibited to be open to the public.

At the entrance of the site, I saw that the members of Mito Railway Children Association (Mito-RCA) were handing out flyers for the event. Dressed in matching uniforms, they were lovely and polite. At the site, I saw plenty of rail fans, families and couples, shooting photos, taking a tour of the cockpits of the EMUs and so on. A mini train pulled by a mini steam locomotive was also very popular among the children.

The visitors could also enjoy shopping for delicious lunch-boxes and cakes made with local foodstuffs. I enjoyed a bowl of hot noodles served by local chefs for a reasonable price. They were handmade "soba noodles (buckwheat noodles)"... very delicious.

I am truly grateful to JR East Mito Regional Office and other staff such as Mito-RCA members, local chefs and shopkeepers to have held this special event. The festival was indeed a great success. I will introduce several trains being exhibited at this event from next time. To be continued...

A mini train is operated at the festival site