Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Shonan-colored E217 Series on the Tokaido Main Line

EMU JR East E217 series (Shonan color) arrives at Yokohama Station on the Tokaido Line
The ecology of rail fans is arcane. They ignore mass-produced non-descriptive commuter trains; but it would be a superstar once its body color is unique. Rail fans like rarity. As a matter of fact, I also favor rare colored trains. I am going to show you the typical example, the EMU E217 series on the Tokaido Main Line.

As you may know, most of the E217 series are operated on the Sobu-Yokosuka Rapid Line. They have so-called Yokosuka-colored bodies with blue and cream colored stripes. A total of 45 sets are operated on the track. The family of the E217 series is not just the Yokosuka-colored train. The Shonan-colored E217 series also exists on the track. They are very rare trains. The Shonan-colored E217 series have orange and green colored stripes on their bodies. Only 2 sets, 30 units, are operated on the Tokaido Main Line. Such a rarity packs in rail fans to the track.

One day, I visited Yokohama Station to take pictures of this unique train. After an hour's wait, the Shonan-colored E217 series appeared from the west. It was a 300m long train that consisted of 15 cars. Two double-decked Green Cars (first-class cars) were sandwiched in between standard class cars. The Shonan-colored E217 series debuted in 2006 to replace an old EMU 113 series. The operating route is limited between Tokyo and Atami for the time being.
EMU JR East E217 series (Shonan color) stands at Yokohama Station on the Tokaido Main Line