Thursday, 3 July 2014

Hydrangea Train on the Inokashira Line

A special plate, "Night lighting of hydrangeas", is displayed on the 1729F of the EMU 1000 series
During the hydrangea blooming season this year, Keio Electric Railway operated a train with a special plate on the Inokashira Line. It was set number 1729F of the EMU 1000 series. This unique set has a white colored front mask with a rainbow colored stripe on the side body of the train.

The 1729F was manufactured by Tokyu Sharyo in 2009. The original front color was bluish green, but, was changed to white in 2012 to make it be a flagship train on the Inokashira Line. Designed posters of several scenic spots on the line, such as Inokashira Park and Kanda River, are displayed on the body of the 1729F. Special monitors installed above the doors broadcast daily news, the weather forecast and famous spots on the line as passenger services.

During the hydrangea season, a special rounded plate is displayed on the front of the 1729F to promote hydrangea viewing passengers on the line. Hydrangea flowers are beautifully designed on the plate with a phrase, "Lighting of Hydrangea, Higashi-Matsubara Station".

As I mentioned before, the night lighting of the hydrangeas in Higashi-Matsubara Station is very beautiful. Blue and purple colored illuminated hydrangea flowers are visible from anywhere in the train through windows, while it stands at Higashi-Matsubara Station.

June is the gloomy rainy season in Tokyo, but, is the best period on the Keio-Inokashira Line.
Illuminated  hydrangea flowers are seen through train windows at Higashi-Matsubara Station