Saturday, 5 July 2014

On the Day of a Break in the Rainy Season

EMU Odakyu 30000 series, Romance Car "EXE"
Here we are in the middle of the gloomy rainy season in Tokyo. We have been having hot and humid days, but, once the sun's rays peep through the clouds, I never fail to go out to enjoy a stroll.

At the end of last week, I got such an opportunity. I visited my favorite spot in Kanagawa Prefecture. It is one of the best places for me to take train pictures on the Odakyu Line. We can take pictures of trains shining in the sun without being distracted by overhead wire poles there.

The first train was the EMU 30000 series, Romance Car, "EXE". The brilliance of the two frontal lights and shining golden bodies was power to burn backed by a deep green forest. The 10-car train filed past me at top speed. Cool! Then, plenty of trains passed me by. They were the EMU 1000, 2000, 3000 and 8000 series.

There is nothing permanent except change. The morning sun never lasts a day. Just half an hour later, my spot was palled with sudden, low hanging cloud, which then started to produce violent storms.

Just before leaving the spot, I shot the final photo. It was the EMU 60000 series, Romance Car, "MSE". The 10-car train originated from Kita-Senju on the Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line, as a limited express train, "Metro-Hakone". I saw many passengers on the train heading for the resort area in Hakone Mountain. Enjoy your holidays!
EMU Odakyu 60000 series, Romance Car "MSE"