Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Shin-Kobe: Station in Crevasse between Tunnels

Passing through Rokko Tuunel, EMU N700 series arrives at Shin-Kobe Station
Kobe is located some 600km west of Tokyo. The population in this city now stands at 1.54 million, which is the sixth largest in Japan. Kobe is a busy city as the administrative center of Hyogo Prefecture, but it also has several important sightseeing spots.

The gateway to Kobe City is Shin-Kobe Station on the Sanyo Shinkansen. It is quite a unique station, as Shin-Kobe is located in a crevasse between two long tunnels, namely Rokko and Kobe (see the photos). The station is backed by the Rokko Mountains.

Shin-Kobe Station is a base for sightseeing. For instance, it is a starting point for going on a hike to the Nunobiki falls, where four major falls discharge out of steep slopes into Ikuta River. It takes only ten minutes on foot from the station. Shin-Kobe is also known as a starting point for a visit to Mt. Yotsugi, where a large herb garden was opened. It takes about ten minutes by a gondola lift from Sanroku Station, which is next to Shin-Kobe Station.

If you get off from the Shinkansen train at Shin-Kobe Station, you will find a steep mountain just behind the eastbound platform. It will create a lot of confusion for you, since the scenery is like a mountain resort. But, don't forget! it is a genuine gateway station to the giant city.

In the meantime, I have linked to an American rail fan's website, "Sodai gomi". Please enjoy the beautiful pictures about world travels and trains.

EMU N700 series leaves Shin-Kobe Station on the Sanyo Shinkansen