Sunday, 26 January 2014

Monorail Line in the Dream and Magic Kingdom, Part 2

EMU, set number 2, leaves Tokyo Disneyland Station on the Disney Resort Line
Let me start where I left off last time.

The Disney Resort Line is not an amusement ride in a fun park. It is a monorail line under the Railway Business Act of Japan. Pasmo and Suica, which are prepaid IC transit cards for railway and bus passengers in the Tokyo metropolitan area, can be used on this train.

The main fleet on the line is a 6-car train manufactured by Hitachi in 2001. They are a set numbered from 1 to 5. Each set has a different color, namely blue, yellow, green, purple, and peach. Each train can carry 537 passengers. The specification of the EMU is not clear, but the configuration of a set is supposed to be 4M2T. The maximum operating speed is 50km/hour.

I like the interior design of this monorail. It has a splendid atmosphere as a resort train. For instance, the windows are shaped like Mickey Mouse. They are smart-looking. The design of the straps is also Mickey Mouse shaped. The custom-designed sofas are my favorite, and they always play background music softly on the train. Using the ATO (automatic train operation) system, the trains are driverless, meaning the passengers can enjoy a scenic view from the frontal seats without a cockpit.

I used this monorail at the end of last week. It was a cold windy day; however, many passengers were on board to enjoy this resort and monorail. The Disney Resort Line... it is a fully-fledged popular monorail line in the dream and magic kingdom.

Interior design of the monorail, the Disney Resort Line