Thursday, 24 April 2014

Passing through Rainbow Bridge by Yurikamome Train

EMU Yurikamome 7000 series passes through Rainbow Bridge
The Port of Tokyo Connector Bridge, also known as Rainbow Bridge, is a suspension bridge crossing Tokyo Bay between Shibaura Pier and the Odaiba Waterfront Subcenter. It was opened in 1993 as a 798m long double-decked suspension bridge.

You can drive through Rainbow Bridge using the expressway or the ordinary road; but I recommend you take the Yurikamome Line to enjoy the beautiful view in the bay area. Yurikamome is an AGT (automated guide way transit) line, which was opened in 1995 between Shimbashi in downtown Tokyo and Ariake in the Waterfront Subcenter. The current operating length is 14.7km. The vehicle is a small-sized train with rubber-tires instead of steel bogies.

If you get on the Yurikamome train from Shimbashi Terminal, please secure the "rail fan's seat" in the front of the train. Yurikamome train is operated automatically without a driver; therefore, the passengers can enjoy the view ahead while sitting on the rail fan's seat. You will, then, find a spiral track after leaving Shibaura-futo Station. It is an approach line to Rainbow Bridge to reduce the slope angle of the track. Finally, a beautiful suspension bridge will unfold before your eyes.

Your only regret might be that the view from the bridge beam is not fantastic, since the track on the beam is covered by a metal net. The cars on the parallel road may also obstruct your field of vision. Even so, passing through Rainbow Bridge by Yurikakome train is a cost effective attraction for tourists.

View of Rainbow Bridge from Yurikamome train on the spiral track