Saturday, 26 April 2014

Indonesian Railway Update: Renewal of Holec

EMU KRL Jabodetabek Type "Holec" after renewal, Photo: Faris Fadhli (Jakarta Indonesia) 
I have received news from a young Indonesian rail fan again. "Holec" has come back. It returned to the track in Jakarta  after renewal on 29th of March this year. My thanks go to Mr. Faris Fadhli, who kindly sent me the latest picture.

What is "Holec"? It is an EMU operated by KRL Jabodetabek (Jakarta metropolitan electric commuter railway). It was originally manufactured by PT INKA, Indonesian Railway Industries from 1994 to 2001. "Holec" is derived from the name of PT INKA's partner, Bombardier-BN "Holec". This company provided KRL Jabodetabek with the main equipment, such as the GTO-VVVF inverter system and bolster-less bogies, which are known as type K9. One set is composed of four cars, which include two driving trailers (Tc) and two non-driving motor cars (M). It is able to operate being coupled of two sets. A total of 32 sets, 128 units have been manufactured so far.

To be honest, Holec was not my cup of tea, when I lived in Jakarta from 2007 to 2011. It was shabby and jam-prone. Air-conditioners were not equipped at that time. Doors were opened, even if it was operated at high speed.... quite dangerous.

Holec is the same as the new one now. The main equipment has been redeemed for the latest model. The front design and the body coloring have also been changed. Furthermore, air conditioners have been installed. It is good news for passengers in the tropical area, so, Holec is just my cup of tea now.

EMU KRL Jabodetabek Type "Holec" before renewal (Jakarta Indonesia, July 2009)