Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Pink Ribbon Train on the Shonan Monorail Line

5613F of the EMU Shonan Monorail 5000 series arrives at Shonan-Machiya Station

It is slightly old news, but Shonan Monorail Company launched a new set of the EMU 5000 series, set number 5613 (hereafter 5613F), for their Enoshima Line on May 28th, 2016. As a result, the old train 551F of the EMU 500 series was retired from the track, which means that all of the 500 series trains have now disappeared from the Enoshima Line.

The newcomer, 5613F, which has pink colored stripes on its bodies, is the 7th set of the 5000 series. The other colors of the stripes on the 5000 series are red for 5601F, blue for 5603F, green for 5605F, yellow for 5607F, purple for 5609F, and black for 5611F. Because of its color, the nickname of 5613F is Pink Ribbon. As you may know, Pink Ribbon is the international campaign for breast cancer awareness, so 5613F has an emblem of the Pink Ribbon Campaign on its bodies to support this campaign.

The EMU Shonan Monorail 5000 series is the only model operated on the Enoshima Line. It was launched in 2004 to replace old models, such as the 400 series. One set of the train is composed of three cars with six induction motors (55 kW x 6). Its body length is 13 meters, and the riding capacity is 228 passengers per set. All sets of the 5000 series have been built by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, as they have technologies of the suspended monorail system.

Set number 5613 of the EMU Shonan Monorail 5000 series travels on the Enoshima Line

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