Monday, 12 May 2014

The 100th Anniversary of the Tojo Line: Part 2

Special train, Tobu 8111F (+81111F) passes through Shimo-Itabashi Station on the Tojo Line
In commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the Tojo Line, Tobu Railway Company operated a special train on the 1st of May, 2014. It was a 10-car nostalgic commuter train coupling 8111F and 81111F.

8111F (set number 8111) is a special train preserved in working condition. It was manufactured in 1963 by Nippon Sharyo as a 4-car train and became a 6-car train in 1971. An additional two cars were manufactured by Fuji Heavy Industries. The orange and dark beige colored body retains the atmosphere of the typical Tobu train in the 1960s. 8111F was once retired from the track in 2011, but it was not scrapped. Surprisingly, this train was purchased by Tobu Museum as a preserved train in working condition. It means that 8111F would be operated as a special heritage train for special events and/or group tours.

Meanwhile, 81111F (not 8111F... do not get confused!) was manufactured as a 4-car train in 1982 by Fuji Heavy Industries. It is still an active commuter train, but its body was recently changed back to the original cream color in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the Tojo Line.

Everyone is here for the celebration. On May 1st, Tobu operated a special train on the Tojo Line coupling 8111F and 81111F between Ikebukuro and Shinrin-koen stations after the lavish departure ceremony held in Ikebukuro Station.

Congratulations for over a century of the Tojo Line!

Special train, Tobu 81111F (+8111F) passes through Naka-Itabashi Station on the Tojo Line