Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Must-see Spot for Cinema Fans

A young couple whispers on a bench of the platform in Shimonada Station on the Yosan Line
It is just a tiny station on a local line in Shikoku Island, some 700km west of Tokyo. The track is single and un-electrified. A diesel rail car stops once every two hours. Only a few incoming and outgoing passengers could be seen on the platform, but... it is very famous among cinema fans for movie tourism.

Where is that?

It is Shimonada Station on the JR Shikoku Yosan Line. This small station is located on the coast of the Seto Inland Sea. The platform has a fabulous marine view, especially the lovely sunset over the archipelago.

When I visited there with my family, one young couple was there. Just like a clip from a movie, they were whispering on a bench of the platform... or just imitating a scene from the movie. It was a quiet afternoon spent at a local station. It was as I had imagined.

Abruptly, I heard the distant sound of diesel engines. It was diesel rail car, KiHa 54-0 series, approaching from the west. When the rail car arrived at the station, only three incoming and outgoing passengers were seen on the platform. After the rail car left, the station was wrapped in silence again.

For your information, KiHa 54-0 is a JR Shikoku's diesel rail car, launched in 1987. A total of 12 units have been manufactured so far. It has two 250PS diesel engines (Type DMF13HS) to go up the steep tracks of Shikoku Island.

A diesel rail car JR Shikoku KiHa 54-0 series leaves Shimonada Station on the Yosan Line