Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Gondola Lift to Panorama Park

View from Izunokuni Panorama Park Ropeway near Sanroku Station
Mt. Katsuragi is located in the northern part of Izu Peninsula, some 120 km southwest of Tokyo. Although it is a small mountain that stands only 452 m above sea level, the summit is famous for its glorious view of Mt. Fuji far across Suruga Bay. I visited this superb spot with my family at the weekend.

To get to this viewing spot, Izunokuni Panorama Park Ropeway is convenient. It was opened in 1962, and renovated in 1992 due to antiquated equipment. Izunokuni Panorama Ropeway is a gondola lift, whose operating length is 1.8 km. The height difference between the highest and lowest points of the route is 411 m. The maximum angle of the route is 36 degrees. Six-seater gondolas are operated at the speed of 5.0 meters per second. It takes about seven minutes from Sanroku (foot of the mountain) to Sancho (summit) Station. A total of 40 cabins are operated every half a minute.

While we embarked on the gondola with high expectation, it was misty around the summit. In the end we couldn't see a view of Mt. Fuji that day. We felt faintly sorry... but never mind as we cooled off on a hot summer day escaping from the heat in the city. There are 170 aerial lifts in Japan. I have already introduced 13 routes so far; however, 158 routes are yet-to-be-reported. It will be a never ending story.

In the meantime, I have linked to a Danish rail fan's infromative website, Letbaner. DK. Please enjoy the latest news on the urban railways in Denmark.
View from Izunokuni Panorama Park Ropeway near Sacho Station