Saturday, 8 November 2014

The HD300: JRF's Silent Hybrid Switcher

Hybrid locomotive Type JRF HD300 is exhibited in Sumidagawa Station
Following the rail yard tours on the Saitama Railway, I am going to show you the other public event held in October this year.

JR Freight (JRF) is one of the JR group railway companies. It was established in 1987, when the ex-Japanese National Railways were split into seven companies. Different from the other JR group companies, JRF operates their trains on a nationwide scale, using the other JR group companies' tracks.

JRF recently held a public event called "2014 Sumidagawa Station Freight Festival" in Tokyo. Hundreds and hundreds of families with children, couples and rail fans flocked to the station yard that day, because it was a bright and clear day. The main event was an exhibition of JRF's locomotive fleet. For instance, a switcher, named Type HD300, drew a crowd. The HD300 is a hybrid locomotive launched in 2010 to replace old diesel switchers such as the Type DE10. A total of 17 units have been manufactured so far by Toshiba.

The HD300 has dual electric power sources, namely a diesel generator and lithium-ion rechargeable batteries. Permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSM) with VVVF inverter (variable frequency drive) electric control system are on-board. I have once seen the operation of the HD300 and was surprised that it was very quiet. It is said that the noise of the HD300 is 10 dB lower than that of the old DE10. The HD300 is an eco-friendly locomotive.

To be continued...

Sumidagawa Freight Station yard 

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