Saturday, 20 December 2014

Newcomer on the Shonan Monorail Line

Set number 4 of the EMU 5000 series travels on the Shonan Monorail Line
I visited the Shonan Monorail Line two years to the day since 2012. Anything new? Yes, a new train, set number 4 of the EMU 5000 series was launched in February of this year.

First of all, let me explain the Shonan Monorail Line. This route was opened in 1970 as the second suspended type monorail line in the Tokyo metropolitan area. Connecting Ofuna on the JR East Tokaido Line and Shonan-Enoshima stations, the operating length is 6.6 km. The track is single and the electric system is 1,500 V DC. The route passes through industrial and residential quarters in the Kamakura Mountain area. Trains are operated every 7.5 minutes during the daytime.

The EMU 5000 series is the main fleet on the line. It was launched in 2004 to replace the old model, the 400 series. One set of the train is composed of three motor cars. The IGBT-VVVF inverter (variable frequency drive) electric control system is on board and the maximum operating speed is 75km per hour.

A total of four sets, 12 cars have been manufactured so far by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. The latest set, namely, set number 4 (car number 5606, 5207 and 5608), has yellow-colored stripes on the aluminum alloy body; meanwhile, the other three sets have red, blue or light green-colored stripes on the bodies. The large windows to view the beautiful scenery of Kamakura Mountain are my favorite.

Riding on the 5000 series monorail train... enjoy a short journey to Kamakura.
Set number 4 of the EMU 5000 series stands at Nishi-Kamakura Station
More information about the EMU Shonan Monorail 5000 series (in Japanese):