Saturday, 9 May 2015

The 700 Series for the 700th Post

Side view of unit number 723-3013 of the EMU JR West 700 series
Thank you for visiting Tokyo Railway Labyrinth. This is the 700th post in my blog. I hope that people all over the world will continue to enjoy this Japanese railway blog. In commemoration of the "700th" post, I am going to show you a train with the number "700" in the name... the EMU "700" series.

The Shinkansen EMU 700 series belongs to JR Central and West on the Tokaido and the Sanyo Shinkensen. It was launched in 1999 to replace the old rolling stock, such as the 0 and the 300 series. A total of 91 sets, 1,328 units have been manufactured by Nippon Sharyo, Hitachi, Kawasaki Heavy Industries and Kinki Sharyo. Currently, a total of 1,008 units are still being operated.

The 700 series has a complicated "platypus" shape on the front. Thanks to this streamlined design, the maximum speed for the 700 series is 285 km/hour. Brothers of the 700 series are also operated in Japan and Taiwan. For instance, the JR Central, West and Kyushu's latest Shinkansen trains, the EMU N700 series with a maximum speed of 300 km/hour, is an improved rolling stock from the 700 series. Similarly, Taiwan High Speed Rail's 700T series, whose maximum speed is also 300 km/hour, is the other brother of the 700 series.

One more... the other "700" series is here.

EMU JR West 700 seies leaves Tokyo Station on the Tokaido Shinkansen
More information about the EMU Shinkansen 700 series (in Japanese):