Monday, 24 June 2013

Lotus Garden and Poster Train in Chiba City

Special poster train of the Chiba Urban Monorail, EMU 1000 series, "My younger sister"

"My younger sister" is a Chiba-based popular novel written by Tsukasa Fushimi. It has also been published as a comic and an animation cooperating with illustrator, Hiro Kanzaki. The story of "My younger sister" is a conflictual relationship between a teenage brother and his younger sister. But, they start to understand each other when the brother finds out his sister's secret.

The Chiba Urban Monorail Line often appears in this popular story. Why not use this power to promote tourism for Chiba City? For that purpose, Chiba Urban Monorail has been operating a special poster train, "My younger sister", since this March. The unit number 1037-1038 of the EMU 1000 series is wrapped in Hiro Kanzaki's illustrations and is being operated on the No.1 and No.2 lines everyday.

I visited Chiba City last weekend to get on this poster train (see the top photo). In addition, I could visit a gorgeous lotus garden in Chiba Park, which is located in front of Chiba-koen Station. The lotus is a famous midsummer flower in Japan. Along with Gyoda (see my blog on August 13th, 2012), the lotus in Chiba is also reputable.

Currently, the lotus in Chiba Park is fully blown, and it announces the arrival of summer. I could shoot beautiful lotus flowers and a contemporary monorail train together (see the following picture). There's nothing like Chiba during summer.

EMU Chiba Urban Monorail 1000 series passes through the lotus garden near  Chiba-koen Station
More information about special poster train on the Chiba Urban Monorail Line (in Japanese):