Thursday, 30 July 2015

Summer Scenery on the Yokosuka Line

EMU JR East E217 series stands at Kurihama Terminal on the Yokosuka Line

The Japan Meteorological Agency made a press release announcing that this year's rainy season ended on July 19th in the Tokyo metropolitan area, which means that midsummer has begun. This week's high was 35.8 degrees Celsius in Tokyo. So, the only thing we can do is escape the city at the weekend and go to a beach!

Miura Peninsula is a famous ocean resort in the southern suburb of Tokyo. By taking just an ordinary commuter train, we can reach a beautiful beach for swimming easily from downtown Tokyo. One of my favorite spots is Arasaki in Yokosuka City, Kanagawa Prefecture. Arasaki is a headland on the west coast of the peninsula, about 70 kilometers south west of Tokyo. You can see steeply dipping sandstone, siltstone and tuff beds, which were deposited in the deep sea about 4 to 12 million years ago. The coast provides visitors with good places for enjoying themselves at the rocky shores.

To visit this beautiful spot, please take the JR East Yokosuka Line and get off at Kurihama Terminal. It takes about 80 minutes from Tokyo Station by the E217 series train. The E217 series was launched in 1994 to replace the old EMU 113 series. It is a typical commuter train with eight doors per unit. It is equipped with long seats, but cross seats are also allocated for long distance passengers in several cars. Most trains are directly operated into the Sobu Line via Tokyo Station.

Taking the Yokosuka Line, please enjoy the midsummer scenery.

Summer scenery of Arasaki in Yokosuka City near Kurihama Station on the JR East Yokosuka Line