Saturday, 1 August 2015

Old Five-Storied Pagoda on the Kintetsu-Osaka Line

EMU Kintetsu 2800 series arrives at Akameguchi Station on the Kintetsu-Osaka Line

Muro-ji is an old temple in Nara Prefecture, some 500 km west of Tokyo. It is considered to be founded by En-no Ozuno in 680, but it's anybody's guess. The temple is located in a mountain along Muro River. The existing oldest building on the premises is the five-storied pagoda, which was constructed around 794. The small slender tower is very beautiful backed by a green forest. Roofs covered with Japanese cypress barks are also characteristic of this pagoda. It was designated as a National Treasure in 1951.

To get to this historical temple, please take the Kintetsu-Osaka Line and get off at Muroguchi-Ono Station. It takes about one hour from Uehonmachi Station in the downtown Osaka area. Luxury intercity express trains, such as Urban Liner and Ise-Shima Liner, don't stop at this quiet station, so please take a local train bound for Nabari, Aoyamacho or Isuzugawa.

EMU 2800 series is a main fleet on the Kintetsu-Osaka Line. It was launched in 1972 to replace the decrepit model, EMU 1400 series. The gauge size is 1,435 mm and the electric system is 1,500 V DC overhead. Two rounded frontal lights beside the destination display are lovely and good accents. Although more than 40 years have passed since the 2800 series debuted, 17 sets (2-car, 3-car and 4-car trains), 59 units are still operated on the track.

Enjoy the Kintetsu's old train and the five-storied pagoda! It will be an unforgettable day for you.
Five-storied pagoda is seen in Muro-ji Temple near Muroguchi-Ono Station on the Kintetsu-Osaka Line
Official information about the EMU Kintetsu 2800 series (in Japanese):