Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Nostalgic Warehouses Quarter in Tochigi City

EMU Tobu 100 series, "Spacia", stands at Tochigi Station on the Nikko Line. 

Tochigi is a city with the third largest population in Tochigi Prefecture, about 90 km north of Tokyo. It has a population of 160,000.

Along with Kawagoe in Saitama Prefecture, Tochigi is famous for its historic storehouses quarter. They were constructed along Uzuma River during the Edo Period (1603 - 1868), because Tochigi was grown as a commercial city using water-transport on the river. Today, many old storehouses are still preserved in good condition and used as museums, shops, restaurants and cafes. The best season to visit Tochigi City is from April to May. You can see numerous carp streamers spanned above Uzuma River to pray for children's healthy growth.

To get to this nostalgic storehouses quarter, please take the Tobu-Nikko Line and get off at Tochigi Station. If you live in the western part of Tokyo, I suggest that you use the limited express train from JR East Shinjuku Station. This gorgeous train is jointly operated by Tobu Railway and JR East, and directly operated onto the Tobu-Nikko Line via Kurihashi Station.

Your vehicle is the EMU 100 series, "Spacia", which was launched in 1990. A quarter of a century has already passed, since it debuted. Tobu Railway recently gave a press release announcing that the new model, EMU 500 series, will debut in 2017. The 500 series will be a 3-car train with an active suspension system.
Old warehouses quarter near Tochigi Station