Monday, 18 April 2016

Museum Hopping in Oomiya City

Diesel Railcar KiHa 41307 is exhibited in the Railway Museum in Oomiya City
Oomiya is known as the city of cultures. I have recently visited two kinds of museums with my family.

KiHa 41307 of the Class KiHa 41300 was my favorite exhibition at the Railway Museum. It was a diesel railcar built by Kawasaki Sharyo in 1934. The original number was KiHa 41056 of the Class KiHa 41000. This old railcar was once modified as a natural gas railcar, KiHa 41207, and was operated in Niigata and Chiba prefectures, as these areas produced natural gas. As you may know, natural gas has an explosion hazard, so it was modified again to a diesel railcar, KiHa 41307 in 1952. I like this old-fashioned diesel railcar, specifically its curved front design. The large single rounded front light is also my favorite. KiHa 41307 was eventually retired from the tracks in 1985.

After visiting the Railway Museum, we also visited the Bonsai Museum in Oomiya City, which is totally different from the Railway Museum. Bonsai are miniaturized potted plants, which have been grown for a long time to look as they appear in nature. They are unique to Japan. The pine tree is cited as typical, but all sorts of other plants and trees are nurtured. We could see many bonsai trees in this museum. They were small, but looked like a huge trees if we took in them closely. It was a fantastic experience for us.

Museum hopping is a good way for visitors to enjoy in Oomiya City.
Bonsai Museum in Oomiya City