Saturday, 21 May 2016

EMU Keikyu 2103F: TRA Color Train

EMU Keikyu 2103F arrives at Keikyu-Kamata Station

Currently, many foreigners visit Japan for sightseeing, business or studying. According to the Japan National Tourist Organization, the aggregate number of inbound tourists in 2015 totaled 19.4 million, which was a record-breaking increase by as much as 47 % on a year-to-year basis. Taiwanese people are no exception. A total of 3.7 million Taiwanese visited Japan in 2015, and vice versa Japanese also like travelling to Taiwan. A total of 1.6 million Japanese visited there in 2014.

Japanese and Taiwanese railway companies can't keep their arms crossed in this situation. They have a rare opportunity to attract passengers to each other. On February 26th in 2014, Keikyu concluded a Friendship and Cooperation Agreement with Taiwan Railway Administration (TRA). In accordance with the agreement, Keikyu launched a special poster train, namely "TRA Color Train", on February 24th this year.

TRA Color Train is an 8-car train, Set 2103F of the EMU 2100 series. It has blue colored bodies with a white stripe, which is similar to that of local trains in Taiwan. Similarly, TRA Color Train has a TRA emblem on both sides of each car and a cowcatcher painted with TRA warning colors (black and yellow stripes) in front of the train. Furthermore, I saw many posters for promoting tourism to Taiwan in the train. They are beautiful nature scenes, gourmet cuisine and cultures. I paid a flying visit to Taiwan several years ago, but wish to stay longer next time.

TRA Color Train is a mini-Taiwan on the Keikyu Line.

TRA (Taiwan Railway Administration) emblem is seen on the side body of 2103F
Official information about the TRA Color train, EMU Keikyu 2100 series (in Japanese):