Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Class 166: Rapid DMU to Gatwick Airport

DMU Class 166 (First Great Western) stands at Gatwick Airport Station

Gatwick is known as the second largest international airport in the London area. Although it has only one runway, 281 world cities are networked with this busy airport by flights. To get to Gatwick Airport, trains are the best transportation, since the airport station is directly connected with the airport terminal. From London to Gatwick, an electric train, Gatwick Express, is convenient. It is operated every 15 minutes, and takes only half an hour from the city center.

What else can we see in Gatwick Airport Station? One of the must-see trains is DMU Class 166, operated between Gatwick Airport and Reading by First Great Western. The Class 166 was launched in 1992 by British Rail. So far, a total of 21 sets, 63 units have been built by ABB York Factory. It belongs to so-called Networker trains same as the EMU Class 465 and 466. The maximum speed of the Class 166 is 145 km/hour, which is faster than those DMUs in Japan.

I like the coloring design of the Class 166, specifically its dark green colored side bodies. It is similar with that of the EMU Kintetsu 15400 series, "Kagirohi (shining light)", in Japan, but the body color of the Class 166 is more deep. It is definitely my cup of tea... cool!

Unfortunately, I didn't have a chance to ride on this beautiful DMU, when I visited London last time. I will take that for pleasures in my future vacation.

Side view of the DMU Class 166